• Promote special offers and sale events
  • Play custom promotional videos or advertisements
  • Easily manage content on your in-store display remotely

Wallow for Retail

This is an article describing why Wallow is great for Retail


Generate online reviews with your business TV


Wallow.tv continually reminds and encourages viewers to interact with your brand online.

57% of customers are likely or highly likely to leave a review if suggested to do so.

Engaging content. Updated Live.

Show more than your own images and videos.
Let your customers do the talking.

Connect your Wallow box directly to any HDMI ready display.

 box with logo.tv

Wallow.tv is made of two parts; a little box that you connect to any HDMI ready display and a SaaS service that allows easy management and collection of content. 

Wallow.tv displays “user generated content” which encourages additional engagement from viewers, creating a “snowball effect”. Wallow.tv’s unique strength is that it shows data updated frequently and automatically. 

Simply plug-in and connect to wifi using the supplied remote control.


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Stay in Control with our Mobile App

Automatically publish new social content as it is discovered, or use the free Wallow mobile app to manually approve.

Customer taking a photo of a plate of food
Your customer shares an image or review online
Business owner using his phone to decide if he wants to approve the photo
You decide if you want to publish the content on your Wallow.tv