Wallow.tv is a solution that makes it easy for business owners to manage content on their digital displays using a mobile or PC device. Wallow.tv shows user generated content (UGC) and helps attract more online reviews and mentions on social media.

Wallow.tv is made of two parts; an application for managing and moderating the content, and a small digital Wi-Fi enabled box that connects to any HDMI compatible display. 


You can display different content types on your Wallow.tv and/or website. Many of the content options available show user-generated content (UGC) and automatically discovers new content when it is available. You can also add your own images and videos and display a continually updated weather forecast.

Google Maps Reviews and Images

You can show reviews from Google Maps (also known as Google Places) in a beautiful animated slideshow with background images that are automatically loaded from Google Maps or uploaded by you.

You can preset your Wallow.tv to manually approve any review over a certain number of stars, or manually approve each new review as they are created.

If your business has reviews in multiple languages, you can create a slideshow for each language.

The slideshow shows a prompt and QR code requesting viewers to submit their own review.

Google Maps Review data uses our intelligent refresh schedule, which takes into account how frequently we discover new reviews. This means we will check for new reviews somewhere between every 1 minute and 24 hours, depending on how long it has been since we discovered a new review.

Google allows us to collect the last 5 reviews, with an active Wallow.tv new reviews will come in fast, so you will be displaying as many reviews as you want in no time. We recommend showing no more than 10.

Instagram @mentions

Use this content to show public posts from Instagram that mentions your account. Our beautiful slideshow presents posts in an attractive and engaging way and encourages users to mention you on Instagram. 

We check for new posts every 5 minutes and automatically display them when discovered or when approved by you, depending on your presets. Posts must be public, use the hashtag #wallowtv and @mention your business to be discovered by Wallow.tv.

Image Slideshow

Create a beautifully animated slideshow with your own images and photos. Choose the duration and transition for each slide. Coming soon: Connect to Canva and import your creations to Wallow.tv.

5-day Weather Forecast

The 5-day weather forecast allows you to show an automatically updated weather forecast for the location of your choice. Temperatures can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The weather forecast uses numbers and icons only, making it language independent.

Preview Content

You can preview all content that you configure within Wallow.tv before publishing it to your screen, simply click the preview button.

Moderate User Generated Content (UGC)

You can configure Wallow.tv to automatically publish new user generated content, or manually moderate all new content, using our mobile app or web application. When using the mobile application, you can enable notifications and quickly accept or reject new content to be displayed on your Wallow.tv by the click of a button.

Benefits of user Generated Content

Showing user generated content (UGC) on your Wallow.tv, can help generate more UGC by creating a snowball effect. When new clients see that their content has been showcased and valued, it can encourage them and more importantly, others to create and share more content. The snowball effect is creating a cycle of increased engagement and participation in users of social media.

box with logo.tvThe Hardware (Wallow.tv Box)

Most Wallow.tv plans come with a plug and play Wi-Fi enabled box that will be mailed to you when you start your subscription. If you wish to show Wallow.tv content on your website or have your own hardware, you can contact us to hear about subscriptions plans not including a box.

Easy to Use with “Plug and Play”

Our Wallow.tv box comes with a setup guide, a remote control for connecting to Wi-Fi, and an HDMI cable. Simply follow the setup guide to start using your Wallow.tv and show the content that you have configured. Once connected to Wi-Fi, you should no longer need the remote control. 

The Extras

Cancel Anytime

Wallow.tv does not bind you to any long term contracts. You can cancel any time you like. All we ask is that if you do during the first six months, you send us back the Wallow box, remote and cable.

One account for multiple screens or locations

Simple management of multiple boxes for multiple screens and locations registered on one account. For each Wallow.tv subscription, you get a unique URL that displays the content of your Wallow.tv. This can be included on your website or displayed in any other web compatible device. Recommended output is 16:9 in HD, Full HD, 4k or 8k. You can connect multiple screens to your Wallow.tv box using an HDMI splitter.

Mobile App

Our mobile app (in development) allows you to quickly access the administration interface of our web application, and gives you access to all the management functions that the web application does. However, the main benefit of the mobile application is that you will get a notification every time new content is discovered, which will allow you to quickly and easily moderate new content for rapid interaction with your guests.